Posted by: Our Kerry | June 2, 2013

Supreme Seaweed

In Ballybunion, my home town, the Seaweed Bath has been the salvation, the cure and the escape – reviving, invigorating and relaxing all ages for decades!


Collins Baths

I love a seaweed bath nowadays, but this was not always the case!  The first, and let’s face it most problematic, issue was my fear of seaweed!  I mean really who knew what might be in it –  after all it was picked right off the rocks that morning!   No, I would get in the bath alright but there must be no trace of seaweed! So, after the oils had been released from the seaweed by the warm sea water cascading from the taps, Seamus or his son Gary, would gallantly remove the seaweed before I dipped my toe in the water !!  Gradually I grew up and now it simply makes no sense to have a seaweed bath without … well seaweed!

Simply put it is one the most exhilarating experiences you will ever enjoy and it’s especially fabulous if you are feeling tired, run down or even hungover.  There are 5 individual and private baths where you can lie back and luxuriate in beautifully gloopy oils, wrapping the seaweed around you to make the most of its goodness.  The baths are filled with the piping hot sea water which which helps to release the oils from the seaweed and which can be topped up regularly.  While you are lying in the bath you can hear the laughter of the children on the beach, take in the lovely fresh air smells and if the tide is in you can hear the ocean too – though if you prefer to pop on your iPod go right ahead. Ideally once you’ve enjoyed your bath you should don your swimming attire and run into the Atlantic (ocean – the nightclub is no longer open!)  to close your pores and seal in the goodness of the oils!  I haven’t graduated to that in the past 20 years but there are plenty of people who are not slow adopters like me!



The Seaweed baths are located on the Ladies Beach in Ballybunion run by the Mulvihill Family, dad Seamus, his daughter Clare and son Gary.  Seamus, his trusty tractor and red setter Sam set out daily at low tide to gather the seaweed from the Blackrocks – it’s not just any old seaweed but I’m not sure exactly what type it is either!  Clean towels are provided and they always have that lovely combined fabric softener and fresh air smell! The only request made of you is to drain your bath while dressing!

Don’t deprive yourself any longer … be brave … try a Collin’s Seaweed bath ASAP – open from June to October!



  1. Wishing you all the best with the Blog!! It’s a good idea and many more on FB should follow suit

    • Thanks Jim. I really appreciate your feedback. Melanie

  2. I LOVE how soft and silky my hair an skin feel after a seaweed bath!! No better beauty treatment available! A must for everyone at least once.

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