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Inch – The Surfer’s Paradise


The Road to Inch


Kerry is well known for it’s fantastic surfing beaches.  One of the most impressive of these is Inch. In this Blog we catch up with Francesco Ferlisis, an Italian native who has been living and working in Kerry and Dublin since 2005. A keen surfer here’s what he has to say about the surfing and social scene in Inch.


Sunday 7th July 2013

Surfing in Inch Beach

I have been down to Inch Beach in the Dingle Peninsula on a glorious sunny and warm day.


Inch Beach July 2013

The 5km beach is probably amongst the most beautiful places in the Emerald Island, featuring a stunning view of of the Ring of Kerry mountains which are just in front.

There are at least 2 surf schools offering soft boards rental(approx €7)  and the little shop beside the only bar on the beach offers rental for BIC boards too (not in excellent conditions but at very reasonable price – approx €10). A public toilet and lifeguard on site do complete the beach services.

The swell of 5 foot and 11 seconds period maintained its promises and waves were very longboard friendly until midday. The spot just in front of the restaurant was pretty busy both with surfers and innocent swimmer but the session was definitely a passed mark! In winter times swells can be much stronger and a more experienced crowd will show up.


Inch Beach

The steamed mussels and thick cakes of the bar are an excellent reward after the time spent in the water!!!

This place is a must-go, must-see, must-experience.


A native of Inch


Enjoy a Sheep’s Welcome on the approach to Inch!


All Photo Credits:  Francesco Ferlisis


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