Posted by: Our Kerry | May 28, 2013

Our Kerry – sharing the magic!

County Kerry is nestled in the South West of Ireland on the very edge of Europe! It is an area of much historic, geographic, demographic, sporting and cultural interest and prowess.

Sunset over Tralee Wetlands

Sunset over Tralee Wetlands


For all these reasons in 2012 I set up a Facebook page called Our Kerry to help share the magical place that I call home … County Kerry, also   known as The Kingdom!  By and large the Facebook page is a selection of photographs and videos taken in the county both by myself and shared from a selection of likeminded people and professional photographers.  They show the diversity of the landscape and offer ideas of what to expect when you visit.  Occasionally I share details of festivals or events in Kerry which I feel may be of interest both to the natives and visitors alike.

In the coming weeks and months I hope to bring you little accounts of my travels through Kerry with some local knowledge tips and ideas.  As a native of Ballybunion you will probably find that it features fairly frequently but I will endeavour to ensure it does not take over! From time to time I will also include guest posts from other people about their experiences in the county. And of course interspersed in all of this more photos and videos to showcase this heavenly place!

I hope that you enjoy browsing through the blog and of course your feedback is very much appreciated!



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