Posted by: Our Kerry | March 30, 2016

The Loveliest Chocolate Shop in Tralee

One of my work colleagues is a chocoholic! A few weeks ago she arrived back at the office with a gold box full of handmade chocolates from Tralee’s newest chocolate shop called, simply enough, Chocolate!

There’s no doubt but that the chocolates are delicious, even for a non connoisseur of handmade chocolate such as myself I could tell they were the real deal!

so, I dropped in for a look this week and picked up a selection of chocs to bring back to the office. Thd shop itself is as sweet as the goodies within! The variety and value equally good and the man who served us as sweet as his chocolate!

As I left I took a pic of the shop front to share the joy of Chocolate! I posted the pic to the Our Kerry Instagram account and shared it on Our Kerry Facebook and Twitter early one morning, nothing unusual about that. What surprised me was the response on Facebook… At the time of writing this simple picture post has reached over 9,000 people, been liked by almost 200 people, received over 30 comments and has been shared by over 20 people! I really hope that all this converts into some well deserved business for the Loveliest Chocolate Shop in Tralee 🙂 image

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